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Everyday Nutrition FODMAP Challenge Club

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FODMAP Everyday® is super excited to offer our followers access to the “Everyday Nutrition FODMAP Challenge Club” online support for helping you through the Elimination and Challenge Phase of the Low FODMAP Diet!

Are you stuck on the restrictive phase of the low FODMAP diet?

Do you know you need to challenge, but aren’t sure where to start?

Did you attempt Challenges in the past, but it didn’t go well?

Does your gut need some extra TLC?

Then JOIN the EVERYDAY NUTRITION dietitian team Joanna Baker & Marnie Nitschke on a 12-week online program from ANYWHERE in the world, that covers all of the FODMAP challenges with the professional guidance of two FODMAP expert dietitians and the support of a community to move onward in your FODMAP journey.

The Everyday Nutrition FODMAP Challenge Club online program

rolling admission! Start ANYTIME!

Cost $44 AU/ $32US to join and $10 AU/ $7.25 US per month.

For US, CA, UK, EU and other countries – you will pay the exchange rate for the AU price at the time of the sale.

FODMAP Everyday® is super excited to offer our followers access to the “Everyday Nutrition FODMAP Challenge” online program for helping you through the Elimination and Challenge Phase of the Low FODMAP Diet! 


​FODMAP expert dietitians and the support of a group to guide you through your FODMAP journey. Join us for weekly live Facebook live videos, recipes, challenge schedules and more!

As FODMAP expert dietitians, we know how difficult the low FODMAP diet can be. Overwhelmingly, feedback we have received is that a food list just doesn’t cut it, and hands-on support and guidance with an expert dietitian is what is needed.

At Everyday Nutrition, we want everyone to be able to access the support they need to soothe their gut, pinpoint their triggers and find their Happy Place.

So we’ve created an online program where you can get the support you need to move forward in your FODMAP journey, wherever you live and whatever your budget!

The Everyday Nutrition FODMAP challenge is an online course that provides the support of a group and the guidance of a FODMAP expert dietitian.

Challenges are run fortnightly, rotating continuously through all of the FODMAP groups. Since challenges can be done in any order, you can join in at any time.

As part of our community, you will receive:
    • Clear instructions for each FODMAP challenge
    • Education, knowledge and skills to identify your triggers and determine your level of tolerance
    • A structured challenge program designed by experienced FODMAP expert dietitians
    • Guidance with reintroducing FODMAPs
    • Learn about other triggers for gut upset and how these can be managed
    • Resources to help you on your way
    • Recipes
    • Written and live video instructions
    • Label-reading guidance
    • Meal and snack ideas
    • Access to private Facebook group that you can safely ask questions and receive support along the way

Join our community now, and don’t struggle alone!

The fine print
    • There is a $44 joining fee and ongoing fee of $10 per month.
    • Initial payment is $44 AU/$32 US, then $10 AU/$7.25 US per month thereafter.
    • Once the Private Facebook group has been joined, the joining fee and first months payment is not refundable.
    • Cancellations can be made at any time with 1 months’ notice in writing.
SPECIAL ADDITIONAL GIFTS FOR FODMAP Everyday® readers if you sign up through our link below – and follow our instructions carefully.
If you sign up through our link you will also receive for FREE-
    • You will be the first to receive for FREE our ‘Low FODMAP Baking with FODMAP Everyday®’ E-book- over 275 pages of clear expert guidance on baking the “low FODMAP way” along with recipes you won’t find on our website.

INSTRUCTIONS: Follow exactly. When you the link below to the program sign-up page and you get to the sign-up form and are asked for your name put an X at the end of your name. See below example.

Monthly subscription sign up for The Everyday Nutrition FODMAP Challenge Club online program

This will indicate to Joanna and Marnie that you came from our website and then we will send you the extra gifts!

Purple box with text indicating to "Click Here to Learn More" about the Everyday Nutrition program

And remember! Add an X to your name for the extra free e-books!

If you haven’t yet met Joanna Baker, APD AN, RN or her business partner and fellow dietitian Marnie Nitschke APD, AN…. Then you are in for a treat!

Joanna & Marnie from Everyday Nutrition are FODMAP expert dietitians who know how tricky the low FODMAP diet can be. To provide you with the tools and support to move forward and expand your food repertoire without worsening your IBS symptoms.

They also don’t want location or price to get in the way. So with this in mind, The Everyday Nutrition FODMAP Challenge was born!

Joanna is one of the FODMAP world’s RDN rock stars in our opinion – as well as one of our favorite connections in the FODMAP world since we launched – hailing from the birth place of the Low FODMAP Diet- Australia.

Joanna is not only a fellow IBS sufferer she is one of the earliest adopters and RDN to undertake the diet and to offer it to her patients. You can learn more about Joanna here in our interview with her and in her bio on her site.

Marnie Nitschke APD, AN  also shares some of the digestive and allergy related issues with her patients and has extensive experience both personal and professional with the low FODMAP diet. Together they are a serious low FODMAP powerhouse duo!

Come along for the ride and your food freedom!

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